Welcome to Cultivate Nutrition. As your dietitian, nutritionist and health coach, my goal is to empower you to cultivate your own sense of balance and wellbeing, in a way that makes you feel vital, strong and healthy.

My philosophy is one of collaboration, recognising that each individual is their own expert and understands best what will fit their lifestyle. In working together, you'll create sustainable healthy habits, return to intuitive and mindful eating, learn to enjoy all foods, and celebrate the joy that comes with nourishing your body.  

​​​I offer a range of nutrition services, via face-to-face consultation or online via Skype or phone. If you have any questions or would like more information on customised services to suit your needs, please complete a contact form  to send me an email. 


I'm Christina Ross, a dietitian, nutritionist and health coach who believes eating well is equally about health and sustenance, as it is about celebration, tradition, culture, sharing & community. I created Cultivate  Nutrition as a way to connect, work with, and support others on their own journey to creating a nourishing and joyful relationship with food.

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